a holga, and some flowers


flower stall at ooty market, 2016. shot on holga+kodak porta 400

I’ve been playing with a plastic camera – a Holga, to be specific, and 120 mm film a lot lately. The process is one of my little “unburdening” rituals that helps shake off all manner of weights – photographically…and metaphorically speaking. I love that a process which involves such basic tools can do the opposite : it produces an image that is pleasantly complex, either by way of the fuzzy, sensual textural detail it renders, or simply, the play of light  – thanks largely to those minute, magical light leaks – that is natural to the Holga way. I like that working with this plastic box takes practice : somewhat calculated guesswork gets imbibed over time to get those somewhat okay exposures with a better hit rate. I like the simplicity of the process and the complexity of the results – if there are results, that is(guesswork, remember?) I love that my little black box is the philosophical opponent of my DSLR, steadily rising up the ranks on my gadget radar.

In an attempt to revive this undernourished blog, I have some such works and then some (which I seem to be hoarding for appalling reasons) that I’d like to start sharing. Perhaps it is about time. I hope I will do just that (note to self) and not run away as I have done for the past year or so. Aaaaargh.

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