A Year in Instagram

a year in instagram copy

 Did another year just pass us by ? Feels like so much happened in a flash. So much.

There have been goods and the bads, bitter days and sweet ones, sadness, joys, incredibly fulfilling exchanges & projects, mountain days & rainy ones, countless cups of chais, coffees and glasses of vino over amazing conversations, books and plenty of art.

Most importantly, lots of love and positivity.

Milestones happened, leaps of faith too, and self belief. I am a decade older – stronger with an improved sense of humour ;-) a better artist (I think), a fairly decent cook, a godmother, and journeyed through all these waves along with my ever supportive love, R. Oh, and we’ve never been more sure of wanting to add to our brood of four legged babies.

I hope I have been able to give more than I have taken. And for all that I have received from the universe and from my beautiful family & friends, I am ever so grateful. Happy 2013 !

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