“By daily dying, I have come to be.”

~ Theodore Roethke

VBT Motif (23 of 43)

I’ve been thinking about sharing some outtakes and actual shots from some of my commissioned work on the blog. About time. The image above is an outtake from a series done in Sri lanka for a client in hospitality. Photographed at Galapatha Raja Maha Vihara. A stunning Buddhist temple which is a part of a 1000 + year old monastic complex near Bentota.

On a different note –

I usually share images and notes that resonate at a particular time and with no particular reason. There is a method to this randomness, which might just be a simple feeling, a pull, an instinct. This monk and this frame have stayed with me the last few day, as I spend a few quiet weeks far from where this photograph was taken. There are always messages to these things and I do my best to read them. And sometimes share them.

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