Books : The Moon & Sixpence

“Strange as it may seem, he always appeared to me not only practical, but immensely matter-of-fact. I suppose his life during this period was romantic but he certainly saw no romance in it. It may be in order to realize the romance of life  you must have something of the actor in you; and, capable of standing outside yourself, you must be able to watch your actions with an interest at once detatched and absorbed. But no one was more single minded than Strickland. I never knew of anyone who was less self conscious.”

~ W Somerset Maugham, excerpt from The Moon and Sixpence

Turbulent and sensitive at the same time, I thought this book  – very loosely based on the life of Paul Gauguin – would make for an interesting read for the creative bunch. Though WSM has dramatized certain parts of his protagonist’s life and brings in an uncouth element into him, there’s a lot to consider. Will be back soon with a fat post on San Francisco’s gastronomic pleasures :)

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