Dog Park Heaven

Not too long ago, for a good month or so, there was a magical window in my room. It showed me endless views of a hilltop filled with green grass, little yellow flowers speckled with Queen Anne’s lace and happy dogs galloping against an ever changing backdrop of dramatic skies. Heaven ? Oh yes. Not surprisingly, I was staring out so much so that I decided to leave a camera on the desk next to the magic window to capture the scenes at the horizon that was in my view.

It was as if love and fresh air radiated from this energy centre called Bernal hill dog park – which was across our short stay home – and straight into my heart. My morning runs were filled with laughter, little chats with doggie parents and the sweet dog walkers. I would manage (dreaded) uphill runs far better than I expected simply because there was constant energy and comic relief coming my way which would set the tone for my day ahead, reminding me ever so sweetly that everything is exactly the way it should be, in the perfect order that is just right for me. Dogs have this incredible, gentle way of teaching us that there is never a reason to complain but just be completely alive, present and expect nothing but love and err…bacon bites and oh yeah those cake scraps and ummm, okay the bones from the mutton biryani with some salt, please.

Just by simply being the way they are, they heal us in a way most humans cannot. Or so it has been with my life story.
















San Francisco is our second home and I love it for a zillion reasons but one among the top three is the joy of seeing puppies of all sizes and colours, sharing the city with humans of all sizes and colours. The city has no dearth of dog parks and beaches, but this one, the Bernal hill, situated beautifully in the Bernal Heights district, just screams “hey, where’s your dog?” at everyone who visits and so need I say more about why it is my favourite ? :) And oh, indulge me here but did y’all know that in SF poochies outnumber kids ?

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