One Seattle Weekend.

pike place

One early April weekend. A gloomily romantic, mysteriously wet city enthralled my senses. I’m for the most part a gloomy-weather person, so you see it was naturally appealing. Anyhow, a post from April popping up now ? Because I tend to lose track of time and am terribly afflicted by a vice called procrastination. Hmmm, okay, it’s also a moment thing. You know when you think, let me post these, like, now ?

So, back to this lush, wet, grey city S.


It was a two day thing, but I know I want to go back. A short span visit, in my head, also means eat-as-much-as-you-can-before-you-leave. So we did some meticulous restaurant exploring. The crisp simplicity of the culinary finesse, in general, blew my mind. Farm to table in the every sense of the word. Simple, fresh, exuding the essence of  local bounties of the surrounding hills and the Pacific.


If you have one weekend in Seattle and love your oysters as I do, then head straight to Walrus & the Carpenter. For the O’s and to break some gorgeous loaves over some gorgeous wine. Follow with the Mejool dates lightly brushed with sea salt and luxuriously warm EV Olive oil. Yes, it is as sensuous as it sounds :)

pike place2

We headed to the Pike Place Market the next day, after lunching with some friends. To just soak up some of the local energy. PP might be touristy, but it is one special congregation of tourists, locals, urban monuments, native American art, color, texture, moisture and the sweet-pungent  local market air mixed with the aromas of fresh coffee grinds. The greyness doesn’t seem to be a deterrent at all, rather it does indeed add to PP’s eclectic, moody atmosphere. Effervescent local sellers, glistening produce, heady smells, the buzz….what’s not to love ?  As usual, there’s always the occasional connection with a beautiful stranger or two :)



Plenty of aimless walking, street combing, and running-for-refuge-from-the-chills later, we hopped into some bars, dripping and cold, for some wonderful live music to warm up to, because the next day there was only one thing we could do after all the merrymaking. To eat a little more before heading back home. And so we dined at Spinasse. This was and will be one of the most special Italian meals I’ve ever enjoyed. I won’t go into the details of the fare but will suffice to say that the place somewhat defined my experience of Seattle itself. Unpretentious, crisp, intimate and so very elegantly rustic.

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  • Ashwathi Kumar November 11, 2013, 6:37 pm

    Im so glad to see this posted. Seattle has been on top of my list of places to visit :D

  • Ramya Reddy November 12, 2013, 12:26 am

    :) if you liked what you saw here, ashu Ashwathi you will enjoy it.

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