Simple Abundance & A Year That Was

Time or what we believe is time, truly eludes us. Does it not ? Before we realise, we are in the morrow. And so another year goes by. A rather remarkable one, a sort of rite-of-passage kind of a year for me – filled with joy, sweat-blood-tears, puppylove, milestones and big bursts of stupidity thrown in for a good measure. Made that much more interesting by way of constant travel, wonderful projects, and just so much learning, self and otherwise. The most important one being just to simply be. And then, to be gentler with myself and those I love. No more resolutions than that, for everything else will simply follow or fall into place.

2014 started on a bitter-sweet note, strangely it did that way for many close to me, but two weeks into the year and I feel peaceful and far less turbulent. With Sankranti, the harvest festival having just passed us by, I wish for simple abundance, awareness and creativity to fill my days and wish the same for each one of you.

 chair blue (1 of 1) copy copy

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  • Ambika K Sudhakaran February 18, 2014, 8:50 am

    Found your work through Priya Iyer’s curated magazine, and I’m in love with your beautiful eye :) Rarely does one come across contemporary Indian photographers who go beyond processing, macro shots and technicalities to come out with such poetic images. Great work Ramya.

    • ramya February 18, 2014, 11:17 pm

      thank you so much for your generous appreciation, ambika :) you have a lovely blog yourself ! thanks for stopping by. x

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