Monsoon Soaking


Ah, monsoon. It is the one season that enthralls my senses like no other. I’m not sure it’s what I’d want all year long, but I like to romanticize the notion of a never-ending  tropical monsoon. I have always been a cloudy day/cold weather kinda gal and with the last couple of months being largely greyish and breezy – and continuing that way – my energy levels are brimming with positivity for the most part. A good thing considering so many varied situations needed my attention.


Much has settled and I’m back to being my restless self. As of last week, to be precise :)  But the clouds in the skies always energize me and help me stay calm. And I’m trying to center myself so I can focus on an independent project that I’m working on. Somehow this is always the case. The never-ending circle. This is the part that I struggle with a lot and it’s reading that often comes to my rescue. As does a trip to the mountains.



Hope you are all having an equally mindful, lovely monsoon.

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